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Published : 2015-12-07 21:43:02
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She dresses Russian celebrities, TV presenters and business women. Her collectios are shown at the fashion weeks in Europe, Asia and South Africa.
She does not accept clothes, which look boring - even on the assumption that all sewn perfectly. At the same time, pomposity and unnecessary extravagance does not cause any interest. This is Julia Dalakian, a fashion designer known by her stylish clothes for intellectual urbanist - dynamic, as the rhythm of life, as a mobile telephone, as comfortable as a bathing suit, sculpture, both curves of the female body.

Tell me about the day of the famous Russian designer?

My day starts from visiting the fabric and accessories suppilers. During my professional life, I choose myself not only the main materials, but also all additional, including lining, dublerin as for me the quality of all components of my collection is extremely important.

From 11am I am working at my House of Fashion: meeting clients, designers and of course draw my ideas when i have a free minute. Also, I like to study about new directions in the fashion industry and artistic creations.

After 7pm I meet interesting people, my friends. It is important part of my life and helps to keep the right life balance. I also like to attend interesting events, but only the selected ones.

What was your first creation?

My first fashion piece has been created during my studies at the University, where the freedom of self-expression was given not only by the studies, but also by the Student Institute of Fashion which was located at the Textile University where I studied. At that time we worked in the groups and tried to create someting extraordinary. We organised fashion shows and took part in many competitions.

Could you please me about your team?

My team is very harmonious and stable. With most of them I have been working for the last 15 years. The permanent team includes 10 people, but we are looking for good seamstresses as we have a lot of orders and not that many staff. The most important for me in the team is respect, understanding and professionalism. I am very deep involved into the process of creating clothes and I check every single detail. I dont understand designers that are not involved into the process.

Who is the ideal client of Julia Dalakian?

The ideal client for me is my client). It is not because I prefer to dress people that only go to my House of Fashion, but because I know my client, his or her personality and I am able to offer them pieces that are perfectly suitable for them. I am proud to say that I have many clients and they come not only to buy some new outfits for their wardrobe but also to spend time in our House of Fashion in the friendly atmosphere.

What inspires you when you are working on the new collection?

Life, people, events and of course fast-running time which is full of contradictory events. It makes us feel different and inspires designers to create new styles and collections. When I am working on the new collection, I am listening to music, but the music, art, movies and    books just accompany my creativity. My source of fantasy is coming from the time when i was a student and the first year of my profession as designer. And of course, people that I met throughout my life.

What to expect from Julia Dalakian in 2016?

The creative process never stops, and we expect some new fits and details. Our Spring-Summer collection was presented at the MBFW. This collection is very colorful and inspired by the 80th. The winter collection will be also very positive but suitable for this time of the year.

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Photo credit: Julia Dalakian

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