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Published : 2016-01-06 21:16:51
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Life is a theatre and we are all actors on its stage. I heard this expression many times but couldn't imagine that my Louboutin’s will walk through the forbidden area called backstage. I had a unique opportunity to spend a day at the mystical place of Russian haut monde, the one and only Bolshoi theatre. It is impossible to express my feelings when I stepped onto the stage. The historic stage is surrounded by gold and shiny chandeliers from the grandiose times of the Russian Empire. When I walked where the Bolshoi theatre stars have walked, I realized that everything what is performed in the theatre is not only plays, operas or ballet; it is the performer’s whole life. The Bolshoi theatre is living and breathing, all actors are like a big family with rules, values and traditions. The theatre for them is their world. It keeps secrets and tells of main historical occasions, starting from coronation of Nikolay II to the famous world premiers.

The heritage of greatest composers, singers, dancers and producers like Rakhmaninov, Chaikosvky, Schedrin and others, the operas like 'Traviata', 'Rigoletto' and 'Evgeny Onegin' are still performed on the greatest stage of Russia and every time get glory and applause among the citizens of my favorite city. I am very familiar with the music myself and I cannot resist to introduce you to the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre and simply a great lady Venera Gimadieva. Her voice has been described as full of powerful emotions and on the stage she portrays perfection. I have been always interested how a young woman, performing on the main stages of the world, traveling a lot can keep the fire in her eyes and fresh and beautiful skin. Let's welcome the 'new voice of Russia', Venera Gimadieva.



Venera, you travel and perform a lot, but look very fresh. Please tell me your beauty secret?


Well, there is not secret. I travel so much, that I don't have time for any special treatments. But I never go to bed without cleansing and moisturizing my skin. Of course sometimes I visit the professionals that take care not only of my skin, but also of my hair as well. After a couple of weeks of curling, braiding and wearing wigs, my hair becomes thin and dull. But the most important is sleep and a good mood. I can stay without food but not without sleep))). 


Could you please describe your day when you don't have to work?


It depends where I am. If I am at home, I like to watch movies and try new recipes as I am a woman I need to make sure I cook good. 



How do you make yourself ready for the performance? Do you have a ritual? For example, to sit for a minute and breath deeply to calm down.


On the day of the performance I don't eat any food that is too salty or too sweet. I even don't eat sunflower seeds that I really like. And of course I do broad ranges of voice exercises. I have never done any exercises before but my vocal teacher showed me some that are useful for the respiratory muscles. Regarding my ritual, indeed, I have one, but I prefer not to talk about it. It is kind of a secret that brings me luck and calms me down. I think everyone has a personal ritual, that is made up and may not have any logic to it. 


What is your favorite role? 


I played many roles and they are all amazing and different from each other. For instance, Juliette from 'Romeo and Juliette' or Gilda from 'Rigoletto', but my favorite role is Violetta in 'Traviata'. 


You moved to Moscow for the Young Talent Programme at the Bolshoi theatre? How did Moscow welcome you? Do you like Moscow? 


I moved from Kazan to St. Petersburg where I graduated from the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. After my graduation I was invited to join the Young Talents Programme of the Bolshoi theatre. Moscow welcomed me with open arms and I was really surprised to discover so many nice places I can walk to in the city such as Kolomenskoe. 


What are your future plans?

Keep singing and bring joy to people.


Xx, A


Photo credit: A Simple Luxury

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