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In Singapore you will find superlatives such as the most efficient airport, the most famous hotel and the most expensive standalone casino in the world. Singapore is one of this cities that should be on your must-visit list.

Here are my top five attractions of Singapore:

Hotel Marina Bay Sands "MBS"


Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singaporeans like abbreviations and call it simply "MBS". Opened in 2010, this hotel is a must-stay place in Singapore. It provides all amenities you will like: #aroomwiththeview, museum, shopping mall, casino and the longest elevation infinity pool in the world. But, never let your husband alone in the casino. The possibilities to spend money are, let's say to versatile.
In the evening, you can also enjoy visible from your room the famous light and water show at the Marina Bay. It's a pleasant mix of firework combined with laser show.

Gardens by the Bay     

Gardens by the Bay is one of the main tourist attractions in Singapore that transforms you to the Pandora from „Avatar“ movie. It is one of the greatest creations I have ever seen in my life. Beside of the Supertrees, you can also discover the art works, includining the "Planet", a giant white sculpture by Marc Quinn.

Singapore Sling

Enjoy a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar. Welcome to the Raffles hotel, the jewel of the Singaporean hospitality. Here is located the most visited bar in the city, the Long Bar, where the iconic Singapore Sling has been created in 1915. One of the main touristic attractions here is to eat peanuts and through the shells on the floor.

Botanic Garden

Singapore is also called the garden-city. A few minutes drive from the city jugles and you are enjoying the most spectacular flora. The center attraction is the National Orchard Gardens, the treasure for plant lovers.

Food Paradise


You will not stay hungry in this city. The restaurants of Singapore can satisfy the dietary requirements of every person. The price range from the meal starts from 4 SDG and goes to the sky limit. Boat Quay is a must-having-dinner place. What about the King Australian Crab?


I look forward to hearing to your comments and feedback.

Xx, A

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